Control & Manage your identity and all your data from your device


Trust that can empower your enterprise. Manage and automate secure IDs


Security that is carved in stone, backed by blockchain


Window to an independent identity ecosystem. Easily verify any credential

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Choose what you share, when you share and with whom you share.

An Identity which is Truly Yours 

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a decentralized digital identity that YOU hold and control.  Choose what you share, when you share and with whom you share, anytime-anywhere. Engage with lower risks, save resources and create a user-friendly environment for your users... read more

Self-Sovereign Identity


Use Cases


  • Digital Degree and Certificates

  • Identity during exams

  • Enrollment in Institutions

  • Verified CV & qualifications       


  • Voter-ID

  • Identity & access management

  • Passport

  • Asset tracking

  • Employee verification

  • Digital Land Vehicle registry


  • Health records

  • Insurance Claim

  • Birth & Vaccination Certificates

  • Patient’s Identity

  • Medical Prescription

Banks and Financial Services

  • e-KYC

  • Mortgage application

  • Apply for credit card

  • Onboard Clients

  • Employee verification

Travel and Transportation

  • COVID Vaccination Certificate

  • Driving License

  • Travel Permit

  • Shipping Documentation

  • e-KYC


  • Travel Pass

  • Vaccination Certificate

  • RT-PCR Test report

  • Contactless Check-in

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Realizing a Safe and Secure Digital India


Over 27 million Indians have experienced identity theft in 2020 alone and have collectively spent 1.3 billion hours trying to resolve this issue. About 80% of hacking-related breaches are due to compromised user passwords.  We are working actively to change this and create a truly digital experience for everyone.