Understand the usage in COVID 19


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Travel Pass

Passenger carry multiple documents (vaccination status, test reports etc.)in order to travel from one place to another. Verification of each of these is a time-taking procedure.

Multiple documents can be packaged into a single credential, a travel pass which can be stored on the digital wallet. This can be easily verified by the authorities.




RT-PCR test report

Patients receive their physical copies of test results directly from the testing lab. Verification of these reports is a difficult task as no platform for verification of test results is available. Other than that these physical copies can be lost, damaged or misplaced.

Testing labs can directly issue RT-PCR test reports to the patient's wallet. These can then be shared and verified quickly whenever required.

Contactless check-in

In view of the ongoing pandemic, customers are required to produce health status(RT-PCR test reports, vaccination status) and travel history apart from identity documents for check in. A hotel then verifies these manually, with sometimes no way of identifying fake documents.

Using SSI, these documents can be issued by the concerned authorities directly to the customer's wallet. These can then be shared with the comapny. This eliminates the needs for presenting multiple physical documents, minimizes data shared as well as makes it easier for the hotel to verify the documents.

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