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Digital Degree and Certificates

Physical Degrees just like any piece of paper, are at a risk of being damaged or forged. On the other hand, with current methods, digital degrees and certificates can be forged and shared, without any means to check their authenticity.

SSI can be used to issue degrees and certificates directly to the user's wallet in a secure manner. These degrees cannot be transferred to any other person, making it impossible for anyone to steal your identity. Moreover, these degrees can be easily verified. With Verifiable Credentials, these degrees can be verified without contacting the Issuers directly.



Identity during exams

Invigilators have no means of checking the identity of the person or to check the authenticity of the produced identity documents quickly before an exam. Fake identity can be used by proxy-exam takers to take the exam in place of the original test taker.

SSI can be used to quickly check the identity of the test-taker. Moreover, students can hold any required document such as exam pass and ID cards in their digital wallet. Students also have the option of revealing only required information for verification. Post-verification, the student can move to the exam hall with only the required materials, leaving his mobile phone with his other possesions.


Enrollment in Institutions

Students need to present their test scores, education history and identity documents to apply at an institution. The insitution then verifies these documents manually, with sometimes no system in place to identify fake documents.

Documents can be directly issued to a student's wallet. These can then be shared with the verifying institute. They are guaranteed genuine documents whose authenticity can be verified quickly using blockchain.

Verified CV & qualifications

Currently both physical and digital, degrees and certificates can be forged and shared, without any means to check their authenticity.

SSI can be used to share degrees and certificates in a secure manner, with an option to disclose only relevant information. Moreover, these documents can be easily verified by any organization.

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