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Voter ID

There is no alternative to physical voting, a method that is often criticised for not being convenient or tamper-proof. Lack of proper physical documents at time of voting can lead to the voter being debarred from voting.

A voter can use his digital wallet to hold and share any required documents including voter card on his device. The officials would save time in verification of voter identity. Moreover, this method can also be used for e-voting wherein user identity can be verified using digitally using SSI. 

Asset tracking

Asset tracking using traditional methods of manual keeping are not so convenient and are prone to human errors. Large firms face multiple problems including theft, mismanagement and inaccurate predictions due to lack of a asset management solutions.

Tagging or using smart solutions(eg. IoT) to provide every asset with an identity that can be paired with SSI can help firms track assets, manage permissions and get real time updates from the device. The asset status is directly shared by the smart device as a credential, which can not be tampered with.

Employee verification

Background verification of a new employee in an organization is a very cumbersome process. The HR has to manually go through all the physical documents/certificates of an employee which is a very time consuming and inefficient process.

Using SSI, an employee can directly share the digital credentials with the HR of the organization and the HR can instantly verify all the documents submitted by an employee with just a single click. Moreover, with this process, it's not possible for an employee to submit forged documents.

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