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Health records

In most cases, the patient is supposed to maintain a physical health record. Few hospitals maintain digital health records in centralised databases. These databases are always at a risk of being breached. There is also the issue of overexposure of data while sharing these records with a number of parties.

A SSI based digital health record system can be implemented. The user would be able to maintain his/her health records in their digital wallet. Doctors and diagnostic labs can directly share the patient diagnosis to the patient's wallet. The patients can also selectively disclose their medical history.



Insurance Claim

Insurance companies have a hard time processing an applicant's insurance claim, owing to the ease with which medical records can be forged or tampered with.

Using SSI, insurance companies are guaranteed verified and tamper-proof data. They can verify the authenticity of data instantly and process claim requests quickly.


Medical Prescription

Prescriptions are usually provided in a physical form, which can be misplaced, damaged or forged. An essential step to restrict distribution of certain drugs, is to ensure authentic prescriptions.

Prescriptions can be directly issued to the patient's wallet by the healthcare provider. These can then be shared with the pharmacy securely.

Patient’s Identity(IoT devices)

Medical Devices used to monitor health status are usually connected to an application on the mobile andthe patient data is then further shared with the health care provider. Any interference with these readings, and delivery of erroneous data either through accident or ill-intent, could cause distress, and even to lead to dire consequences

A digital wallet connected with the IoT device can be used to store the patient information and securely connect with another wallet(of the healthcare provider) to share credentials to access the medical data.

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